About Us

Hello and welcome. We are inclusive arts practitioners from Milton Keynes. As well as having our own artistic practice we share a passion for inclusive, trauma informed community work. We have been married since 2012, we have two adopted children and two scruffy dogs. Below is a little bit about us and our work.

About Alice:

After graduating with a  degree in Classical Drama and Creative Writing Alice went onto work in several theatre companies and walk about outdoor shows. This led on to an interest in outdoor performance, street performance and outdoor art. Alice has created work that has been exhibited in galleries, art centres and large scale outdoor festivals. Alice currently works as an associate artist for MK Gallery and The Royal Academy of Art, working with children and young people with complex needs. She is a studio holder at Arts Central MK where she enjoys creating new work. Alice is currently training with Nose to Nose clowning company to complete her clowning studies.

About Shauna:

Shauna studied Psychology at Northampton University and went onto study an MA in Mental Health Studies at Kings College London. She has worked with learning disability and mental health in schools and rehabilitation units. She has also studied CBT and worked as a Mental Health Therapist for over 7 years. Shauna has a studio at Arts Central MK where she creates new work and hosts interactive installations. Her large scale canvas’ have been sold and exhibited in various art centres and galleries across the UK. Shauna also hosts inclusive workshops and art drop-ins in local community spaces.

The work we do together

The work we do together is driven by a mindful approach, being in the moment of whatever art form we are enjoying. The work we create usually draws inspiration from human connections as well as the relationships we have with the world around us. Our joint practice aims to collaborate on skills and experience to create work around subjects of feminism, body image and mental health. Our installations allow for collective mindfulness with audiences, and we often host workshops for all ages throughout the year so keep an eye on our social media platforms for updates.

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