Alice has collaborated with some amazing actors, outdoor performers, clowns, fire breathers and stilt walkers. She has performed at many festivals such as the Bristol Shakespeare Festival, Spare Parts Festival, GFest, Bedford Fringe, MK festival Fringe, Make More Festival, Winter Droving Festival, Diwali Festival and the Lakes Alive Festival. Alice is currently completing her clowning training with Nose to Nose clowning company where she hopes this will bring yet another dimension to her performance work. Alice and Shauna are currently devising a new walkabout clowning show.

Current and previous performance work

The Rubbish Clowns: A new interactive outdoor performance that invites audiences to think about recycling, reusing, up cycling through playful exploration. The Rubbish Clowns truly love collecting your discarded rubbish, they cherish thrown away items and treasure recycles bits and bobs. This show is accompanied with a Pimp your Picker workshop to encourage audiences to take ownership of their rubbish pickers and collect alongside the clowns. This show has been booked for festivals in 2021. Email us to enquire about booking this show.

Peddlers Pack: so many things you never saw before: A walkabout show involving five very individual characters, with some extraordinary offers. This show was presented as part of ‘New Works Work’ for Bedlam Fair and was also performed at MK Fringe, Winter Droving and Lakes Alive. This show was directed by Jessica Rost, find more of her work via our Useful Links page.

The Cocoon: A Happening: This performance was shown at MK Gallery as part of their Pavilions of Change exhibition. It was an emerging and an awakening, inspired by new beginnings. The performance was accompanied by a live installation of the cocoon building.

50 Hugs: A live performance and filmed installation made up of 50 short films. 50 Hugs explored attachment and how we connect to our environment and the people in these environments. This performance was presented at Westbury Art Centre, The Alexander Museum and GFest 2018.

Shakespeare Festivals: The Shakespeare Hut, The Tempest Within and The Sonnet Tarot Reader were all shows adapted for modern day from the works of Shakespeare. Each show was performed individually in various festivals around the UK, including the Lesbian York Art Festival, Bristol Shakespeare Festival and Brighton Fringe.

Episodes of Reflections: This was a collection of seven original performed scenes, collaborating with sound artists and directors from Milton Keynes. Episodes of Reflection explored the subject of memory and childhood experience. This work was presented at MK Gallery and Westbury Art Centre.

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